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North American Mental Health Services


North American Mental Health Services

North American Mental Health Services is an online provider of mental health services. Located in Northern California, this organization provides counseling and therapy for people who need help coping with their personal issues. Clients can choose from counseling centers in Eureka, Redding, Woodland, and Fairfield. This service is also available to those who live in the surrounding areas.

Primary industries

The transition to a new mental health services ecosystem requires a coordinated, connected, and equitable system. All actors need to recognize the needs of individuals seeking treatment and work together to offer compassionate care. This system should be easy to use, affordable, and nonstigmatizing. In addition, policymakers need to understand the challenges of mental health care and collaborate with local community providers.

In the United States, the mental health industry includes a variety of different sectors. Generally, these sectors provide counseling, assessment, and medication to people with mental illnesses. These providers may include psychiatrists, therapists, and medical providers. Most often, these professionals provide their services through private therapy offices. In addition to these three sectors, there are many other stakeholders involved in the mental health ecosystem.


North American Mental Health Services is a practice in Fairfield, CA, that provides medical care for various mental disorders. Its providers are trained to diagnose and treat long-term mental health problems. They can also provide patient education and refer to other medical specialists, as needed. The practice has one location, and employs 2 physicians who specialize in various fields.

The study features a survey of 5,000 Americans and robust analysis of third-party data to gauge patient access to mental health services. It also looks at the providers, facilities, funding, and perceived satisfaction among patients.


The locations of North American Mental Health Services in the United States are quite varied. Some have a pharmacy on site, while others offer services to those outside of business hours. These organizations are located within hospitals and offer a range of services. The following sections detail what types of services are provided by each location.

Among its facilities, North American Mental Health Services has one in Fairfield, CA. The clinic’s physicians are highly skilled in diagnosing mental illnesses and helping patients manage their conditions over the long-term. They also provide patient education and refer patients to other medical specialists when necessary.

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North American Mental Health Services is an organization that offers counseling services to patients. Its services are offered through telehealth and virtual visits. This organization also offers appointments outside of normal business hours and onsite pharmacy services. The company has two physicians and one office location. Its primary industries are mental health care and addiction.

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